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VetraCholine is a natural source of 100% assimiable herbal Choline and Biotin. It is a methyl donor amino acid necessary for maintenance of cell structure, cell membrane integrity, normal maturation of bone and cartilage, transport of fat and acetylcholine synthesis. Being a limiting amino acid, it has to be acquired via feed and VetraCholine ensures effectiveness, gently. It is an organic replacer supplement of synthetic Choline Chloride in a 1:1 ratio.

Size : 25 kg

  • Regulates metabolism and prevents fatty liver syndrome
  • Natural Biotin aids cell growth, fatty acid production protein absorption
  • Increases weight, reduces mortality and enhances produce


  • NA


  • 30% of synthetic Choline Chloride (60%) i.e. 300gm of VetraCholine can replace 1 kg of synthetic Choline Chloride

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