Vetra Digest

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The general health and production performance of farm animals and birds largely depends on their ability to digest and assimilate vital nutrients. VetraDigest is a herbal feed supplement that helps maintain proper secretion of saliva and gastric juices to aide intestinal movements. The formulation stimulates enzymic activity for efficient cellulose break-down, digestion, absorption and utilisation of nutrients leading to improved feed conversion and farm productivity. VetraDigest also helps maintain right balance between beneficial bacteria and pathogens in the intestines for better gut health.

Size : 1 ltr | 25 kg

  • Optimise appetite, digestion and absorption of feed nutrients
  • For good intestinal health
  • Boosts digestive enzyme formation


  • 60ml/head To be administered twice a day, mixed with feed


  • 60 gm/head to be administered twice a day, mixed with feed

1 review for Vetra Digest

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